Saturday, 8 March 2014


 These are a couple of products that i love at the moment...

Soap and Glory sugar crush moisture extreme body buttercream
 I have been using this after i have a shower and it has made my skin feel and smell so good. Plus it is in a big tube so it is going to last for ages, which i am very happy with. I didn't have to do the drying dance either as it was thick, smooth and absorbed into my skin quickly, so i was able to put my clothes on very soon after. I think the tube look really good as well and caught my eye when i was in boots.

Herbal essences Bee strong strengthening intensive mask
 I put this on my hair once a week and my hair has been shiny, silky smooth and smelling sweet since the first time i used it. No wonder Nicole Scherzinger uses herbal essences, i mean just look at a picture of her, her hair always look so shiny and healthy. I also like the fact that it is a rinse out mask so i don't have to wait and leave it in. It was a lot cheaper than other hair masks that i was looking at.

I would definitely recommend these products.
If there are any hair and skin products that you would recommend or if you have tried these please tell me what you think in the comment below 

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